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Mr Ibu's death: Scientist, Charles Awuzie harps on dangers of undiagnosed DVT

Sunday Mar 03, 2024 10:51 am

By Charles Awuzie
Online,   Health

"Then it dislodged and traveled to my lungs, causing Pulmonary Embolism. I Ilmost died.

Breathing was like stabbing myself with every draw of air. Already walking was almost impossible. At one point, I couldn’t get out of bed because of the pain. Doctors couldn’t find what was wrong. Blood tests and X-ray couldn’t find anything.

This is where many Africans become superstitious and conclude that they are being ‘pursued by village people. I was undiagnosed until the day I almost stopped breathing.

I remember walking into my GP’s room that morning. Immediately he saw me, he ordered a D-Dimer blood test.

This is a test that checks for blood clotting problems by measuring the amount of the D-dimer level in your body. 

My result came out positive and he ordered an ambulance to take me straight to hospital… according to him, I could drop dead any moment from then if I wasn’t admitted in hospital.

I told him I needed to see my family and kiss them goodbye before being taken to hospital.

I drove myself back to the house, packed my laptop and few clothes, said my goodbyes to the family and drove myself to the hospital…

It was during COVID so hospitals were filled with COVID patients and it took longer to get me admitted.


Charles Awuzie

"Once fully admitted, they injected me with CLEXANE. My oxygen level was dropping.

I was taken in for a CT scan and boom, it was confirmed that I had clots in my lungs. I was diagnosed of Bilateral Massive Pulmonary Embolism. The size of the blood that clotted in my lungs is what was described as massive.

It was then that my physician told me I would have died in 2 days if I didn’t make it to hospital.

At that point, everything lost value. I knew I could die any moment.

I called a few friends and prepared them for my potential exit.

I contacted business partners and shared every necessary information they need for continuity.

I blocked my mind from thinking about my son as the thought of him in this world without me was killing me faster than the massive clot in my lungs.

But I had faith in medical science…

I trusted the process. I Iurrounded myself with friends in the medical field - from Dr. Idee in the UK who first mentioned i should be checked for DVT/PE, sister Joy in the US, Dr. Adetola in the US and others. 

On ground, I had the best specialists monitoring me closely. 

After 10 days of fighting for my life in hospital, my physician discharged me and said I cheated death.

According to him, blood clots kills faster yet few people are aware of it.

I knew at that point that the universe wanted me to use my story to raise awareness about this killer but unpopular medical condition…

If you sit long hours in flights or at work, you are at a risk of developing a blood clot. 

If you have high blood pressure, cancer or on cancer therapy, your risk of clotting is high. 

If you have a sibling or relative who suffered blood clot, please investigate the possibility of a genetic clotting disorder.

And finally, if you’re sick and multiple blood tests do not show what’s wrong with you, do not conclude that the condition is spiritual. You just haven’t been tested correctly. Some laboratory tests or radiological scans may also not be available in your city. A lot of Nigerians die because they mistook a medical condition for a spiritual problem .

My name is Charles Awuzie and I just wanted to raise awareness about blood clots especially after learning that Mr. Ibu died of clot related complications."

Credit|Facebook|Charles Awuzie

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