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Sen Ifeanyi Ubah, Anambra South Palliatives and APC Mega Empowerment: Better Days Ahead

Sunday Mar 24, 2024 13:13 pm

By Justin Ogoo Nwankwo PhD
Oko, Orumba North LGA,   Features

The ground breaking for a new Anambra fully integrated into the national politics ably led by Sen Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has barely begun and the naysayers are already grumbling and murmuring inside their mothers closet and cacoons. 

When you talk of Politicians of South East, who has invested their own personal resources to the politics and development of Ala Igbo since the advent of the 4th Republic, then one of the outstanding names must be Sen Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah. He is not just a cheerful giver but a self motivated philanthropist who have helped to enthrone democracy in Imo State in the elevation of Sen Rochas Okorocha of APGA. In Abia State, the Sen Ifeanyi Ubah has donated so much for the entrenchment of democracy in different successive PDP government and right over to Enugu State. 

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In Anambra State, empowerment and palliative have become the historical record of Sen Ifeanyi Ubah such that in his days of Labour party, PDP, APGA , YPP and now APC; it has been a record of empowerment and palliatives (Kerosene, Generators, Motorcycles and multiple food items). So, when the delusional PDP vice chairman Anambra South talks one wonders where his sense of history and book keeping has gone to. Himself, the acclaimed Vice Chairman Anambra South PDP , am certain as day and night, has received in PDP while Sen Ifeanyi Ubah was there multiple palliatives both personally and collectively while he was in the party. He is in a better position to separate the lies and tell his morbid followers the truth about the Senator.

At the Federal level, Sen Ifeanyi Ubah has boldly and broadly mobilized the greatest grassroot movement of "Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria"(TAN) for the then PDP President Goodluck Jonathan. TAN was an empowerment movement and it's activities were all propelled by palliatives and philanthropic charitable contributions to the lives of Nigerians.

Let us now be clear and straight that the Anambra South Palliative in question and what Sen Ifeanyi Ubah showcased in the last two days of hosting the National working committee of APC and the mega empowerment are far above the palliatives in question. In a nutshell and for the avoidance of doubt, the palliatives that we have seen across the other senatorial zones both in Anambra state and in other states are absolutely nothing to compare to the event of Saturday 23rd March, 2023. The federal government of Nigeria palliatives are merely rooted in rice and food items but when a man with large heart decides to do palliative for his people; it goes beyond food items and as usual extends to thousands of real empowerment items for both market women, disabled , business men , youths and adults alike. Pray, tell me , what hoarding of federal government palliative has to do with such monumental empowerment items like;

* Over 30 pieces of Mini Buses worth 3mil = 90million Naira

* 200 Pieces of Motorcycle 🏍️ worth over 1million naira each = 200 million Naira

* 50pieces of Fancy Bikes worth over 750,000 = 38 million naira

* Over 100pieces of Keke Tryclyce worth over 2mil =200million Naira

* Over 30 pieces of Open Trycle loaders worth about 2mil= 60million naira

* Over 250 Grinding Machine worth over 250k =55million naira

* Over 250 Sewing Machines worth over 250k= 55million naira

* Over 150 pieces of Generators worth over 150k = 23 million Naira

* Over 25,000 bags of Rice 🍚 worth 80,00=2billion Naira

Assuming the Federal Government released 500million to each Senator, please the totality of all the above items surely have run into over 3billion and hence the theme: Mega Empowerment! It not a food is ready political empowerment but an empowerment that can be driven by a man of capacity and large heart! So what are we talking about?

And yet, these retired and expired political party and their arm chair so called Vice Chairman has the temerity, the efforntery and the audacity to question the validity of ANAMBRA South Federal Government Palliative? How are people or how can a Political party be so callous?

The Conclusion we can gather and categorically state is that there is trepidation in PDP Anambra South and perhaps of the entire state for the unprecedented event that took place yesterday at Ifeanyi Ubah International Stadium Nnewi/Ozubulu. But this is not unexpected because the man on the driver's seat Sen Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and his style of politics which has given him two terms unopposed in the National Assembly has come into play again; this time it's a tsunami that made even a sitting Governor Sen Hope Uzodinma to exclaim- Eureka! The National Chairman of APC himself a two term Governor of the largest political block in the country could not but marvel at the triple empowerment quite bigger than what the federal government palliative anticipated for the districts.

When all recipients must have taken home their different items, it will be clear that only General commands a battalion at a time! It is obvious that Sen Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and his empowerment strategy after every election has now be elevated to power three with his entrance to APC- the ruling National Party! We can only wait for better things and better days ahead!

Justin Ogoo Nwankwo PhD writes from Oko in Orumba North LGA of Anambra State.

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Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, Anambra South District

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