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WrestleMania 39: Roman Reigns cheats Cody Rhodes, retains title in classic match

Monday Apr 03, 2023 22:06 pm

By Onyeka Uwakwe
SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles,   Sports

Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens came to WrestleMania 39 to  end The Bloodline era.  The mission was a partial success.
Even though Brock Lesnar overshadowed the giant Nigerian Omos with an F-5 in  WrestleMania 39, this account does not in any way, diminish the impressive performance of Omos in the  match.
In the fight, Lesnar attempted to get Omos up for an F-5, but his legs buckled. However, the second  attempt was a success,  and sufficient to put out the Nigerian  giant three counts.
Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns 
At SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Sunday night, Zayn and Owens succeeded and retrieved the tag championships from VCThe Usos on Night 1. Cody Rhodes was the anticipated  right  opponent to complete the task on night 2, but he failed, as he was apparently  cheated out by Roman Reigns, courtesy of mainly  Solo Sikoa.
In the beginning, there was a great ovation as Rhodes entered the arena with this entrance theme, The American Nightmare. He moved to greet his family, cuddling his child- all came to witness the implentaion of Cody Rhodes' story.
While Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa accompanied by The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns to the arena.
The highlights 

In one instance in the match, Sikoa interfered and attacked  Rhodes. Taking an advantage, Reigns tried to pin Rhodes, but The American Nightmare kicked out to continue in the match. 

Solo Sikoa was kicked out of the match, when the referee caught him attacking Rhodes. The referee was ignorant of earlier distracting attcaks on Rhodes.

While Rhodes tried wrapping up the fight, Reigns, apparently underwhelmed, was rescued by Sikoa slapped Rhodes with a belt, which was seen by the referee. The referee ejected Sikoa from ringside to his chagrin.

The Tribal Chief, Reigns came  up with a couple of suplexes on Rhodes. The Tribal Chief later slammed Rhodes on the floor. 
Reigns also constricted Rhodes in a lock but The American Nightmare escaped. In retaliation, Seconds later, Rhodes landed continuous punches on Reigns' face. Unintentionally, Rhodes tried to kick Reigns, but ended up hitting the referee.
Not long, as Rhodes was gathering his finishing touches, he survived a vicious attack by The Usos. But The Usos were fended off by Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who delivered with Super Kicks to the duo. Reings himself also received a stunner from Kevin Owens.

Cordy Rhodes|Credit|Post Wrestling

Cordy Rhodes efficiently  delivered his finishing moves--  the Cross Rhodes, twice. Solo Sikoa somehow in disguise, sneaked his way back in, unleashed the Samoan Spike and effectively halting Rhodes vantage point  to end an era in the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. Roman Reigns escaped from his grips, survived, and speared Rhodes to earn a controversial winning.
Indeed emotion was high due to Rhodes story, and fans, behind Rhodes at SoFi Stadium booed Reigns but applauded Rhodes' sterling peeformance. However, both superstars came very close to winning, but each opponent miraculously  survived every time.
Even though Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes, in an aided finish, Rhodes received ovation from the live crowd. 

Roman Reigns| credit|Fox Sports

Cordy was expected to finish his story by defeating Roman in honour of his father the late great Dusty Rhodes. Indeed, there were indications that many felt the match had the wrong ending.
Rhodes returned to WWE at last year's WrestleMania and won the 2023 Royal Rumble.
Roman Reigns' empire nearly failed in the hands of Rhodes at WrestleMania 39.



Solo Sikoa|Credit|Deviant Art

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn's first title|CreditSportskeeda

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