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Friday Jun 11, 2021 7:45 am

MACSA President, Comr. Ologhofor Sampson giving out palliatives to students
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.,   Governance


The President of Mass Communication Students Association, MACSA-UNN, last week made history as the first student leader to distribute welfare package to its students. 

According to the leadership of the association, the palliative distribution was a key part of the welfare scheme of the administration which is aimed at bettering the lots of her students.

Aside providing palliative packages for all students in the department, the administration has also successfully completed the painting and renovation of all classrooms including, the association's secretariat; repairing of all broken seats, installation of fans, curtains and multiple sockets across all classrooms; and provision of computers in departmental office amongst others.

Speaking to the press on the motivation behind the palliative, the president Comr. Sampson Ologhofor, said "The fact that students were starving as a result of the worsening economic condition in the country which has resulted in inflation of prices of food commodities coupled with the prolonged academic session, we sort of ways to help ameliorate the strives of our students, to make them feel they belong to an association that cares about them and their welfare. This led to Gozie Ofonze' s influence in making this project a reality, he was the brain behind everything and we are grateful to him and the sponsors of this great project."

Still on  the historic project, Chidera Okenyi, who spoke on behalf of the sponsors said they donated not because they had too much but because they found themselves in a better position to do so considering the numerous complaints and the present situation of the country.

Meanwhile, students who benefited from the outreach described it as a timely rescue and were all seen smiling home.

"This outreach really came at the right time because for  sometime now, I've not been going to the market, I only manage the little foodstuffs I have at home because things are so expensive now and the little money my parents gave me will not even be enough to buy textbooks not to talk of foodstuffs," said Faith Ojima, a 300l student and beneficiary of the palliative. 

Another beneficiary, Bassey Innocent, a 100 level student said, "This is the first time I'm seeing, hearing and experiencing something like this since I came to UNN. I'm shocked that the department is able to do something like this and I'm very much excited"

Similarly, Nkeiru Makwe, another 100 level student who also benefitted from the palliative outreach said she didn't believe it when the department president announced the outreach but have not gotten her's, feels very excited and commends the department president and other Excos for their kind gesture.

"He has done really amazing, it is unbelievable the things he's been able to achieve" Okereke Helen a final year student of the department said.

Still on the palliate distribution, Aṅulika Iwoba, a 300 level student said "It's one of a kind. Sampson has a large heart, and unarguably, the initiative attests to that.

The MACSA palliative outreach is an initiative that shows the current executives are genuinely concerned and interested in the welfare of her students, which is not common in the society we live in. It was a thoughtful one indeed" she concluded.

Also,  Stephanie Wakwe, the reigning Miss MACSA while reacting to the palliative packages said "The palliative shared by Macsa team was a fun experience, I never expected it  from the macsa team, they should keep on doing good work for our department."

MACSA Palliative

David Nkan, the first year class rep of the department, in his words said "It was an event never to be forgotten, as so many lives were touched. A big thanks goes to the president Comrade Ologhofor Sampson, whose administration remains the best ever this department has ever witnessed.

He and his fellow executives has silenced all critiques with yesterday's event alone, and other events as well not mentioned during his reign. 

Believe me, it's not easy reaching out to the rich, and persuading them with reasons why they should give a helping hand to the students. I took time to carry out am experiment, after I received my share of the favour, and realised that each package was worth 3000 naira, and that money will now go far in helping the students solve other needs of their's in addition to what was given yesterday.

God Bless The president and all his executives, I pray for Divine blessing upon him all the days of his life for his selfless service and finally, God bless all those who contributed in one way or the other in sending those palliative down to the students.

" It was an applaudable initiative and approach to enhancing students welfare. Far beyond expectations." Said Chukwumezie Udochukwu a 200 level student of the department.

Meanwhile, adding his voice, Emmanuel Steve Sunny, 300 level class rep, said,  "I’ll describe it as unprecedented. A true pace-setting welfare programme that should serve as a bar which other student unions should aspire to for the good of her students." He concluded.

The smiles that glowed in the faces of the students showed proof of the far reaching impact of the initiative. As many stories continue to be told of the Mass com palliative, the trend looks unending just as much as the impact is unforgettable.

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